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Faceless Assessment: ‘Turant Suvidha Kendra’ cell formed

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has rolled out the 1 phase of Faceless Assessment pan India. The objective of Faceless Assessment is to bring anonymity, transparency and uniformity in assessment practices.

This step is being taken in advance of the pan-India roll out of Faceless Assessment, which would be done in phases to be announced soon.

TSK would be a dedicated cell manned by Customs officers to cater to following functions:

  • Accept Bond or Bank Guarantee (BG) in respect of import of goods including import related to Export promotion schemes;

  • Carry out any other verification that may be referred by Assessment Groups;

  • Defacing of documents/ permits licences, wherever required;

  • Debit of documents/ permits/ licences, wherever required; and

  • Other functions determined by Commissioner to facilitate trade.

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